Welcome to the MyBB Development Site, the primary development portal for official MyBB Group projects including MyBB Development and SVN Repository.


Access here to public projects is open to the community and to those who wish to participate. Public read access to repositories is available under their respective projects. Write commit access is restricted to MyBB Staff.

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What Now?

Please look under the Development section in the MyBB Wiki for further information how to get access to the SVN, Coding Standards, Procedures, et cetera.

  • MyBB Source Code Documentation
    This is the complete source code documentation for MyBB. Not only important for internal development, but also for modification and plugin authors.
  • Bug Tracker
    If you find a bug in MyBB, report it here. Please make sure to search whether your bug already exists and do not submit support requests as they will be deleted.
  • MyBB Development Wiki
    A place where you can find information about the development site, coding standards & SVN access. Please check here first if you have any questions about this site or getting SVN access.

Latest projects

  • Security Issues (07/27/2009 09:03 pm)

    This is a public archive of all security issues fixed in MyBB. You may not post or touch anything in here. Please use http://mybb.com/contact?subject=security to report security vulnerabilities.

  • MyBB Merge System (11/08/2008 10:53 pm)

    The main purpose of this project is to provide a system for combining (aka merging) forums into one from any of the forum software supported by the MyBB Merge System

  • MyBB (11/08/2008 03:44 pm)

    The main purpose of this project is to provide a professional, easy to use, and innovative forum software for free. This project controls repository access to the MyBB code base.