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01:14 pm MyBB Bug #2027: $newpmmsg never set anywhere
While on the subject of suppressing notices I think it would be good if we tried to fix all of them. We do this at wo...


03:22 am MyBB Bug #1935: trying to click "Yes, all new join requests need to be moderated first" but failed
If you tick 'Yes, all new join requests need to be moderated first' then obviously 'Yes, users can freely join and le...


04:08 pm Security Issues Bug #1869 (Rejected): Hardcoded language strings in Mod CP
I'm not entirely sure what warrants this being a security issue.
Either way, custom profile fields are never trans...


03:53 am MyBB Bug #1711: Stick Thread checkbox is not checked by default
Same thing happened to Tom Loveric when he was staff, same thread I believe, and I believe it's happened to me once o...


03:57 am MyBB Bug #1661: Uninstalling plugins should require user confirmation
For what it's worth, I have this check in MySupport, Custom User Permissions, Social Sites and Plugin Uploader I thin...


03:25 pm MyBB Bug #1692 (Rejected): IE9 Double Post
This was fixed in 1.6.3, if it still happens to you then you've not uploaded the new files properly. Make a support t...


02:53 pm MyBB Feature #1670: Disabling the statistics page
If we were able to remove it, we would, but Redmine doesn't offer that ability and we don't know Ruby to write the ch...
02:47 pm MyBB Feature #1670 (Rejected): Disabling the statistics page
This isn't a bug, it's a suggestion. This isn't the place for suggestions.
06:15 am MyBB Bug #1665: Thread Rating Hover Issue
I don't think the hover effect was there before if you'd already rated the thread... probably a regression due to the...


02:28 am MyBB Bug #1654 (Rejected): myBB 1.6.3 Admin CP Bug
This is a support issue, not a bug. Make sure ./inc/languages/english/admin/ is CHMOD to 755 and the files inside are...

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